Dear Minyan Ambassador, Welcome to the Minyanville Underground Railroad.

What exactly is the M.U.R?
Minyanville Underground Railroad It's a network of human capital that intertwines the world with people who are very good at what they do and better at who they are. It's for those of us who believe that our name and word mean something. It's for those of us who believe there's a better way to do business and a common ethos in how we do it.

Honesty, Trust and Respect.

The vision for the M.U.R is taking shape as we speak and will continue to evolve with input from the Ambassadors. It's a global grid where like-minded individuals can connect, reflect and affect positive change.

You--the Minyan Ambassador--would "represent" your region. We won't share addresses or phone numbers, just emails. We plan to launch a globe on the home page (not unlike Google maps) where Minyans can access Ambassadors by states, regions or countries.

Minyanville is in the process of adding further capacity to our corporate evolution. The leaders coming out of a crisis are never the same as those that enter it and a phoenix will arise from this scorched earth. As we build to critical mass, we'll unleash the beast that is the Critter Express.

We've Got Some Major Announcements in the Pipe--

Proverbial “game changers” that will extend our brand shadow throughout the world. It's an exciting time to be a Minyan; as our community is a reflection of the company it keeps, we look forward to keeping your company for many years to come.

Minyanville Hand Sign
The "M" and "V" should be placed directly over the heart.

What Else?

  • Establish a framework for generating Buzz & Banter in your region, perhaps through regional Buzz Channels.
  • Minyan garb--hats, tees and the like--for spreading the good word.
  • Discounts to Minyanville Events potentially including engagements in your region.
    The “secret” Ambassador hand sign (see below).
  • A conscious effort to "Do Something Joel" (a random act of kindness) each day.
  • The knowledge that you're no longer part of the problem--you're part of the solution.

MV Hand Sign

Thank you kindly and humbly--now let's change the world, one Minyan at a time.

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